We got pens and USB sticks with our logo on them. Our clients loved them and it added to the professionalism of our company. We also got leather jackets with our logo embossed on them. Again the quality of the products were top notch. Bob Johnson and his staff are always smart, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. If we want top quality service and products Unitex is the company we'll keep going back to.

~Paul Nicholson

  • Paul Nicholson
  • Mar 06


These guys have everything you could ever want in uniforms and the customer service to go with it.

~Lindsay James

  • Lindsay James
  • Mar 06

If you want to logo anything Unitex is the place for you. Great Staff. Fantastic selection. Great pricing. What more could you want.

~Paul Coleridge

  • Paul Coleridge
  • Mar 06